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 – bottle of   20 ml

– bottle of 100 ml

– bottle of        1 L

– bottle of        5 L


Cypermethrin 4%, permethrin 2%, piperunolbutoxid 5%


Due to the active substances of the solution (cypermethrin and permethrin – synthetic pyrethroids with a broad spectrum of activity and low toxicity to mammals), the product is both a contact insecticide, and an ingestion one, but without gas production, which has the advantage of allowing immediate re-commissioning of treated areas. Pyrethrins have neurotropic action, acting at the axon, in both central and peripheral nervous system. The effect takes place in two phases: – initially appears an excessive activity of nerve cells, causing hyper excitability on insects, tremors and convulsions. After this first phase follows the impulse transmission blocking that leads to insect paralysis and gradual death. The antiparasitic solution due to it`s content, once diluted forms a milky emulsion preventing the user from accidental ingestion, and dilutes quickly and uniformly. At normal levels of use the product is not phytotoxic, it has a reduced toxicity for the operator, the animal and the environment and it is biodegradable. The product is toxic to bees and fishes.

With a broad spectrum of insecticidal activity on most insects, it is used to combat crawling insects (bugs, ants, fleas, etc.). Consequently it is used for pest control of buildings, public vehicles, industrial buildings, shops and livestock housing.


Diluted product should be sprayed with pressure pumps on the surfaces to be treated. For most insects ECTOCID FORTE is diluted in water to concentrations of 1-2 % (100 – 200 ml of undiluted product in 10 litres of water), depending on the degree of the infestation. If the insects are more resistent, concentrations can be increased to 3-4% (300-400 ml of product in 10 litres of water). The diluted product is practically odorless, and does not stain painted walls, however application to freshly painted walls should be avoided, since pyrethrins are unstable in alkaline environment. The prepared solution should be used within the same day.


Store in original containers at room temperature (15-25 degrees C), in dry places.


2 years from the date of production, stored under the prescribed conditions.

AUT. No.­: 1492.BIO/18/12.24


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