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– powdering bottle x 50 g


Due to it`s content of active substance (permethryn – a synthesized phyretroid with a broad spectrum of activity and a low toxicity to mammals), the product is both a contact insecticide and an ingestion one, but without gas production, therefore it has the advantage of low toxicity to the respiratory system. The effect on the insects takes place in two phases, initially appears an excessive activity of the nerve cells, causeing hyper excitability, tremors and convultions on the insects. After this, it follows the impulse transmission blocking, which leads to the paralysis and eventually death of the insects. At normal rates of concentration the product is not phytotoxic, it has a reduced toxicity for the user, and the environment, and it is biodegradable. The product is toxic to bees and fish.

Due to it`s broad spectrum insecticidal activity over the most of the insects, it is used for control against crawling insects (like bugs, ants, etc.) in pest control of buildings, public vehicles, industrial builkdings, stores, shelters, and livestock housing.


It is recommended to dust on surfaces, shelters and nests after a previous cleaning. In spaces with high human exposure, such as wards, kindergardens, schools, offices, dormitories, do not apply the powder on larges surfaces, dust it with care, only on insect nest, and the places around them. Do not dust on wet surfaces. Repeat the treatment after 4 weeks.


It is irritating for eyes and the respiratory system. May induce skin sensitivity. Toxic for aquatic life. Toxic for bees. Keep out of children`s reach. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use. Do not breath the powder. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. In case of accidental swallowing of the powder, contact immediately a medic, and show him the label. Avoid contaminating food and feed. After use wash thoroughly your hands with soap and water.


Store in it`s own packaging at room temperature (15-25 degrees Celsius), in a dry place.


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