HERBA TOP Ecto-plus – Oral anti ectoparasitic – 100 ml

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 bottles x 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 L 

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Composition: 100 ml contains: a hydro alcoholic extract of medicinal plants: Tansy, Linden flowers, Oregano, Walnut


Indications: Herba-Top Ecto-Plus is a natural concentrated product, used in drinking water as an adjuvant in the treatment of infestations of fleas and flies on all animal species. Contains fat soluble essential oils (linalool, thujone, thymol, naftaquinone, azulene, geraniol, natural pyretroids) with insecticidal and repellent properties. The product affects thenervous system of the insects, with the insecticide effect installing step by step. The active substances are dissolving in fats and are eliminated gradually from the organism. The blood becomes unatractive for the parasites. Containing a complex mixture of insecticidal substances, insects can’t grow a resistance against it. The product is not toxic to mammals and birds. Do not changes the taste of the meat or eggs. There is no waiting time. It is recommended to be used on horses, small and large ruminants, swine, poultrym pigeons and rabbits.


Mode of use: Administer orally, diluted in drinking water, for 7 to 10 days, in the following doses.

Colts, calves, piglets, lambs: 1ml/10 kg twice a day. Poultry, pigeons ,rabbits: in drinking water 5ml/1 l of water. Monthly cures of 7 to 10 days are recommended. It may be used continuously if needed. May be used until slaughter.

Disinsect the animal shelters with Ectocid Forte.


Contraindications: None.


Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Do not reuse the empty bottle.



Store at room temperature (15 – 25 C˚) in a well closed packaging, away from sources of fire, sunlight and moisture.






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