columbo 200



Product Description


100 ml of spray contains:

25 ml of hydroalcoholic extract of medicinal plants: Hazelwort, Lavander, Wormwood, Tansy

Isopropilic alcohol ad 100 ml

Indications: Ready to use natural product, recommended as adjuvant in the treatment of infestations with fleas and lices on all animal species. Contains fat soluble essential oils (linalool, thujone, thymol, naftaquinone, azulene, geraniol, natural pyretroids) with insecticidal and repelling properties on insects. The product affects the nervous system of insects, with the insecticidal effect installing step by step. Contains a mixture of complex insecticidal substances . Insects do not grow resistance against the product, which is not toxic to birds.


Mode of use: use externally only.  It is recommended to use on pigeon. It is recommended to spray 1 to 3 times spray the solution under the wings from a distance of 5-10 cm.  Spray the nests and cages also after a previous cleaning. Do not use on birds younger than 2-3 months old. Repeat the treatment at intervals of 7 days. Avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. Do not use on sick, convalescent animals, or animals with kidney or liver failure. 

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contamination of food and feed. Avoid contact with eyes, wash hands after use. Use only outside. Do not use near fire sources. Do not smoke when using the product. Do not reuse the empty bottle.

Storage: Store at room temperature (15 – 25 C˚) in a well closed packaging, away from sources of fire, sunlight and moisture.



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