PRO-VITAL SHAMPOO with CHAMOMILE for cats and dogs -5L

Product Description

– bottles x 200 ml and 5 L –

– 0,5 % EXTRACT of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla – flos)


It is recommended for the maintenance and sanitizing of the fur of dogs and cats. The PRO-Vital shampoo with chamomile, calms, revitalizes and refreshes the irritated, sensitive skin. It gives sheen and shine to the fur.Due to it`s content of sodium lauriletersulfat, cocodiethanolamin and cocoamidopropilbetain (detergents) dissolves and emulsifies the dirt in the washing liquid. The perfume has a deodorizing effect.


External use only. Moisturize the fur with warm water, then distribute the shampoo evenly on the entire body. And after 5-10 minutes of reaction time rinse it with warm water. Dry the animal with a towel, or warm air.


Avoid direct contact with the eyes, and other sensitive areas. Keep out of children`s reach! Do not swallow! Do not reuse the empty bottle!


Store at room temperature (15-25 degrees Celsius), in a well sealed packaging away from sources of fire, sun and moisture.


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