cloramina t x 25 kg



Product Description

– bucket x 1 kg; sack x 25 kg –



Sodium Tozylochloramid


Disinfectant on the base of active chlorine, it is efficient against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, wrap and unwrap viruses, fungi and yeasts. The product releases active chlorine.


For microbian decontamination of the surfaces and objects from privat spaces, public health areas (without hospitals), in food industry, and feed preparation industry, surfaces related to production, transportation, storage or consumption of food, feed and human or animal beverages. For the disinfection of drinking water.


For the disinfection of surfaces a solution of 1-3% is used. It is applied on already cleaned surfaces., through spraying in case of large surfaces, and wipeing in case of small surfaces. The quantity of working solution applied is 300-500 ml on a square meter. For the disinfection of the crockery, ruments, objects, a solution of 2% (100g / 5 L of water) is used. For the disinfection of drinking water (wells) 3g / 1000 L of water is used. Time of exposure is 30-60 minutes.


For the preparation and application of the work solutions use protective equipment (goggles, masks, rubber gloves). Use freshly prepared solutions. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not swallow, harmfull if swallowd. During disinfections, the user is not allowed to smoke, consume food or drink. Wash thoroughly the hands with soap and water after use. Corrosive product. Keep out of children’s reach. Do not reuse the empty container.


At room tempreatureb(15-25 C˚), in dry places, away from food , drink or feed.


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