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TROCO PRIM STICKS MIX x 500 ml (60g)


Product Description

satchet x 60 g


Extrudated complete feed for fish and for adult turtles. It’s a mix of 4mm thick sticks, yellow sticks with wheat germ extract (a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fibre), red sticks with extract of paprika (flavoring and colouring, gives fish a live colour) and green sticks with spirulina (microalgae with detoxifying properties, hepatoprotective, tonic and immunostimulatory). Contains 23% of proteins, only 3% fat, 2.1% of fibre and Vitamins A, D3, E and C, and also contains phosphorus and copper in optimal quantities for a harmonious development of the fish and turtles.
Give fish and turtles only the quantity that they can consume in 5-10 minutes.


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